The Art of Sharing

We love to share, no wonder we have the Art of Sharing in our payoff. In this blog you can read the latest blogs from our colleagues, covering items such as Azure, Office 365, HoloLens, SharePoint and .NET Development.

Check whether a file exists using the File Storage connector in Logic Apps

Logic Apps is an Azure component that allows you to implement powerful, serverless, and scalable automated workflows. It allows data exchange with ...

Tracking table data changes using SQL Server temporal tables

One of the requirements of a recent project I was working on, was maintaining history of database table data as part of an audit trail. My first ...

Perfomance Testing: what is our maximum user load capacity?

This Blog will explain how to create a web performance test in Visual Studio and run the test in Azure.

Social-Graphs: What are they good for?

Nowadays you see all kinds of sites, which show related/personal items, based on your prior viewed items or search behavior.

Azure IOT Hub: first steps, want to join?

I have taken the first steps towards an Azure IOT innovation project. For this, almost no code was required. I will briefly tell you what I made and ...